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Concrete Decor magazine is the media source industry professionals trust. Our commitment to excellence and technical education is displayed in the magazine's print quality, editorial content and colorful imagery. Our technical writers know your products and our readers. It's why 98 percent of our subscribers choose print over the digital magazine and why over 60 percent of our subscribers keep each issue of Concrete Decor for ongoing reference.

Published eight times each year, Concrete Decor magazine offers advertisers comprehensive and ongoing editorial coverage with feature stories, product and project profiles, how-to articles, technical columns, resourceful product and training guides, event coverage and industry perspectives. Coverage in Concrete Decor delivers content to that the world can source indefinitely. It's where your products gain brand recognition, credibility and lasting industry presence.   

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Concrete Decor is the magazine concrete professionals look to for ideas, information and solutions on a host of project and business challenges. It's the magazine they use to explore options with their customers and what they keep as their on-hand reference throughout the year. 

Every issue of Concrete Decor is fully digitized and available to our U.S. and international subscribers in addition to more than 90,000 monthly visitors to Your print ad is included in the digital magazine and permanently linked to your website. An outstanding value-added service only available with Concrete Decor. 


Please use our advertising specifications to assist with the preparation of advertisements for Concrete Decor magazine. Advertising material submissions that do not comply with our mechanical requirements will be returned with correction instructions. Please note that ad reservation and material submission deadlines are the responsibility of the advertiser.  

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Marketplace ads in Concrete Decor are great for those advertisers with smaller budgets or as an add-on to increase the power of your display advertising. Marketplace provides our readers an easy way to find your products, equipment, tools or services.

Sponsored Product News — tell what you sell

Advertorials are a powerful tool for advertisers. Advertorials (advertisement + editorial) provide customers the information they need to make an informed decision. Our Sponsored Product News is a unique, high-profile opportunity for manufacturers of decorative concrete products, tools, equipment or services to share information about new products and services with Concrete Decor readers. The Sponsored Product News allows you to gain brand and product exposure through a 1/4 page advertorial highlighting the key features and benefits of your newest products and services. 

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