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Reach targeted prospects who make purchasing decisions. home page layout image

Online solutions start with This is where nearly 100,000 industry professionals turn to do the research for purchasing decisions. Choose from our robust portfolio of interactive products (shown below) that allow you to deliver your message to audiences of your choice.

Author bio, headshot and email link can also be included. Sponsored Content is SEO-optimized and keyword tagged, shared via social networks (Twitter & Facebook) and searchable on Google, Bing and other search engines. Sponsored Content is published on listed under Special Feature. Over time, Sponsored Content builds deep referring links back to your website, one of the key metrics used by Google, Bing and others in Ranking your site in search results. What is needed - 1.) 10-15 word headline with 100 character limit for included "Tweet." 2.) 400x200px responsive image and 50-word excerpt of the article for homepage 3.) Full article with text of any length, multiple images and links, and optional video for website. 4.) Web link. 5.) Suggested keywords.

  • Sponsored Content - A rich media post that can include a headline, text of any length, images and links, and even an embedded video that plays inline with content. (★★★★★Read more.
  • Leaderboard Banner  - Displayed top-of-page on mobile devices and desktops, leaderboard banners are strategically positioned on the home page and within articles and blog to improve visibility and click-throughs. (★★★★★)
  • Block Banner - Run-of-site and strategically placed beside all pages of website content, these ads may align with related content to target the customers you want. (★★★★)
  • Topics PLUS - (NEW) Choose from 25 Topic sections that place your banner ad top-of-page where target audiences look first.  Available with sponsored articles, leaderboards, block banners & webinars. 
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  • Nontraditional 'redirect' ads are available. Please call for pricing.
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3 Months

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Sponsored Content (3 month minimum)** $985/mo $853/mo $742/mo
Leaderboard (500 x 67 px)** $635/mo $571/mo $514/mo
Block Banner (250 x 210 px)** $495/mo $423/mo $363/mo
Global Logo (200 x 40 px) $245/mo $209/mo $179/mo

Ad Submission Deadline: 5 business days prior to start of each month of which ad is scheduled to appear.  

**Topics PLUS: Tiered rates are based on historical traffic volumes and keyword usage for Concrete Decor most popular online content. Ask your Account Manager for more details.

Tier 1: add $229 per month (20,000 added hits) Includes: Coatings, Staining, Stamping, Polishing, Countertops

Tier 2: add $159 per month (10,000 added hits) Includes: Placing, Overlays, Vertical, Business, Sealers

Tier 3: add $99 per month (2,500 added hits) Includes: Repair, Recipes, Precast, Maintenance, Training, Events, How-Tos, Building, Outdoor, Safety