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Sent only to opt-in subscribers, our e-newsletters reach targeted prospects and customers ready to buy. Concrete Decor's e-newsletters are published semi-monthly with limited ad slots available. Reserve your ad space early to guarantee ongoing participation throughout the year.

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Reach targeted prospects who make purchasing decisions

Online solutions start with This is where industry professionals turn to do the research before they buy. Choose from our robust portfolio of interactive products including sponsored content, branded newsletters, the digital magazine, webinars, blog, websites, mobile app and our interactive services. These will deliver your message directly to audiences of your choice.


Tap Into The Power of Sponsored Webinars with Concrete Decor 

Webinars are a powerful and effective way to build and maintain credibility as an industry leader. And there is no better place to deliver your webinar than with Concrete Decor. With promotional strength that extends farther than any other platform, your presentation will get the attention you deserve. Webinars are a great way to:

  • Showcase your company’s expertise by sharing valuable knowledge
  • Distinguish your company from the competition
  • Nurture prospects toward sales readiness
  • Generate new leads