Cover Letter

  • Oct 10, 2017

Dear Customer,

Open Concrete Decor magazine’s 2018 Media Planner to find compelling new ways to promote your products and services.

Concrete Decor is a technical trade magazine written for applicators to meet their business and technical needs. We believe in industry because an industry carries the burden of maintaining standards for quality that others can depend on. We also believe that decorative concrete is an important extension of the concrete industry which increases demand for the material while minimizing dependence on alternative building materials and finishes.

The changes Concrete Decor magazine has made this year have increased website traffic by a staggering 600 percent. The improved organization of our online content allows your promotional messages to focus on strategic audiences within 25 new Topic sections.

In print, the demand for Concrete Decor remains unchanged. Today, 98% of subscribers choose print over the digital magazine. While print budgets shrink, Concrete Decor has responded by readjusting its dimensions and refining circulation to shave a whopping 30 percent off our ad rates. What's more, magazine advertisers will now gain increased exposure and traceable lead generation with a link to current advertisers on our Topic sections. Even more exciting are new website and industry stats you can monitor on Concrete Decor magazine's online Intelligence Center.

This January Concrete Decor's WOC edition will feature a supplement called Architectural Concrete. Its target is an enhanced perspective on ways to build with concrete in place of wood structures. Aligning decorative concrete and concrete construction practices creates powerful new perspectives that will be showcased during Decorative Concrete LIVE!, an event Concrete Decor magazine sponsors annually in Las Vegas.

It is a fact that when our industry grows, our businesses grow too. Make Concrete Decor your choice in 2018 and let’s get back to growing as an industry.

We look forward to serving you.